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Featured photo
9 y.o. Mustang Gelding in El Dorado Hills, CA
Gelding/Bay Mustang/Companion - Non Riding

Featured photo
Jump to it with Affirmance
$5,500 OBO
8 y.o. Thoroughbred Mare in Trinity, FL
"Affy" is a dream!

Featured photo
$4,500 OBO
20 y.o. Palomino Gelding in Elizabeth, CO
20 yr old Palomino

Featured photo
14 y.o. Quarter Horse Gelding in Simpsonville, SC
Pete is a Grade Quarter Horse Gelding. A Great Choice.

Featured photo
HD Tigers Rolex "Flint"
9 y.o. Quarter Horse Gelding in Aiken, SC
Sane, Sound, Safe, Gelding

Featured photo
5 y.o. Friesian Cross Mare in Boone, NC
VERY Flashy Friesian/Percheron, will be good for lt. riding

Featured photo
13 y.o. Haflinger Gelding in San Antonio, TX
Tall Haflinger riding gelding, sweet and quiet

Featured photo
Midnight Burn. ("Jackson ")
$8,500 OBO
9 y.o. Tennessee Walker Gelding in Iron River, MI
TWH gelding

Featured photo
10 y.o. Quarter Horse Gelding in Asheville, NC
Buckskin Quarter Horse Gelding Here is One You Dont See Ever

Featured photo
8 y.o. Quarter Horse Gelding in Chicago, IL
Stout & Gentle Buckskin AQHA Quarter Horse Gelding

Horses for Sale

Buying or selling a horse has never been easier.  Horsefinders.com brings you thousands of horses that are for sale under one easy to use website.  With a few clicks you can find horses in your area, or find horses with the breeding, training, color, or any other attribute that you are interested in.  No matter what type you want to buy or sell, such as Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, Pinto, Paint, Pony, Ponies, Arabian, Saddlebred, Tennessee Walker, Cross Bred Horses, Appaloosa, Connemara, Warmblood, Morgan, POA, Trakehner, or a Welsh Pony you can find them at Horsefinders.

Buying a Horse

There are many websites that list horses for sale.  Some have thousands, while most have a few hundred.  We believe to find a horse for sale, you need to look at many thousands of horses for sale.  Horsefinders.com can help you do that.  Horsefinders.com is one of the largest databases of horses for sale.  You can use our advanced, yet easy to use search functions that will sift through thousands of horses finding the perfect match for you.

Selling a Horse

Selling a horse can be easy, or it can be difficult and time consuming and you may not get the price you would like for your horse.  Using Horsefinders.com to sell your horse is a good strategy.  We advertise our website on all popular search engines so anyone searching for a horse will look at Horsefinders.com.

Why use Horsefinders.com to sell a horse?

Photos help sell your horse.  Have you ever been to a website and looked at text only listings of horses with no photos?  The tendency is to skip text ads and look at horses that have photos.  Horsefinders.com does not accept text only ads, photos are the way to represent a horse for sale.  If you are serious about selling your horse and getting full value, you should place a photo ad and utilize the power that good, large photos creates.