What's new on Horsefinders.com

To sell a horse, or receive new classified ad alerts, you will need a valid account on this site.

Many changes have been made to horsefinders.com to fix problems caused by these system abuses:

  • Creating multiple classified ads for the same or non-existent horse in multiple states and/or cities
  • Creating multiple accounts to get around some site restrictions.
  • Creating accounts with invalid email addreses or other seller contact information
  • Uploading too many photos, or photos files that were too large

The main issue we have attempted to address is preventing the large amount of alert emails caused by two of the above abuses.  Another issue for us is system resourses.  Allowing unlimited ads required lots of disk space and system memory.  This caused the site to be slow to load and slow to search for horses for sale.  Hopefully we have resolved the biggest complaint about the old site.

We are aware that some users will not immediately like the changes we've made to the site.  Please give it a chance, and please feel free to contact the site administrator if you have comments and/or suggestions.  webmaster@horsefinders.com.

Change list:

  • Those requesting sellers' alerts will now be required to have a valid account on Horsefinders.com.  This is necessary as we need to verify all email addresses.
  • A unique and valid email address will be required to create a new account.  This means that you cannot create an account that has an email address that another account has, or that cannot receive email.
  • A unique and valid phone number will be required to create an account.  This means that you cannot create an account using a phone number some other account has.
  • All classified ads will use the account holder's contact info.  This means that you won't have to enter new contact information for each ad you create.
  • You will be able to select what contact information to include in your ad.
  • There are new restrictions on the number of ads an account holder can create and manage.  For example, the Basic (free) level will only be allowed to have a single ad.
  • All inactive or outdated accounts from the old site, and all of their ads have been removed.  This means accounts on the old site that were older than two years, or had not not been signed into within the last six months, were not transferred to this site.
  • Passwords for all accounts from the old site were marked as invalid by the transfer process as it was not possible to translate them to the new higher security model.  This means all old site account holders will need to use the "forgot my password" link to reset their password.  This has the benefit of also verifying each account holder's email address.
  • If you find that you never receive a reset password confirmation email, it may be that your account has been removed.  Ask yourself when was the last time you signed in.  You may have to create a new account.
  • For security reasons we do not inform visitors if the email address they entered for the password reset process is a valid email address on this site.  So, not getting the confirmation email may mean that you entered the wrong email address.  If you have forgotten, or no longer have access to, the email address for your account, you will have to create a new account.
  • One serious problem we had with virtually all of the old site accounts was that their email addresses were no longer valid.  This caused the Horsefinders.com email server to be placed on various SPAM lists, and so prevented users with valid email addresses form receiving the alerts for which they signed up.
  • To mitigate the above problem, no alert emails will be sent to an old account's email address until the account holder has confirmed their email address, logged in and selected to receive email alerts.
  • All accounts that were transferred from the old site are Deluxe accounts that will expire three months form the day we transition to the new site.
  • All classified ads for accounts that were transferred from the old site will expire three months from the day we transition to the new site.
  • Within 15 days before account expiration, or after expiration, an account holder will have up to one year to renew, upgrade or downgrade their account.
  • After expiration, an account will remain "renewable" for one year, after which the account and all of it's associated classified ads and their assets will be deleted.

There are now four account levels:


Greatest Value

$79.95 USD / year

Up to Eight ads

One year of access, plus the following:

  • Eight classified ads
For each horse
  • Five disciplines and their experience levels
  • Twelve photos
  • Three videos - YouTube or Vimeo
  • Five accomplishment badges
  • Pedigree information


Most popular

$39.95 USD / year

Up to Five ads

One year of access, plus the following:

  • Five classified ads
For each horse
  • Three disciplines and their experience levels
  • Eight photos
  • Two videos - YouTube or Vimeo
  • Two accomplishment badges
  • Pedigree information


Easily Upgradable

$12.95 USD / year

Up to Two ads

One year of access plus the following:

  • Two classified ads
For each horse
  • One discipline and it's experience level
  • Six photos
  • One video - YouTube or Vimeo

Basic no cost option

The Basic Plan is a no cost option that allows you to have one classified ad and upload up to four photos of your horse.  Basic accounts do not expire.  However, Basic accounts will be deleted, like any other account, after one year of inactivity.