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Horse for sale - Thunder - $1,500

Featured photo
19.1 hands
5 y.o.
Lockwood, California   93932


Introducing “Thunder”, one of the most commanding stallions on Earth currently standing 19.1 hands and still growing born 4/14/19 out of the very large and beautiful Shire mare “Gentle Giant Cher” and by the Andalusian World Cup Champion Stallion “MN Mediterraneo” son of multiple time Andalusian World Cup Grand Champion “Travieso B II”.

Standing next to “Thunder” is a sacred moment. This is truly a stallion in possession of the ‘Wow’ factor. He is so big, balanced, handsome and yet, for a breeding stallion, so gentle and like the Tim Mcgraw song, his mantra is “Humble and Kind”. Perhaps because he knows he is truly always ultimately in control and could do anything he wanted he has matured into a more submissive and co-creative mindset.

Despite his size, “Thunder” is absolutely NOT ‘clunky’ and can move like the most accomplished ballet dancer. This showstopper is bay, has great feet, long legs, a soft intelligent eye, heavy mane and tail, and a floating collected movement.

“Thunder” can add size, bone, and athleticism to your mare. He is very personal, and one feels his focus on you as if he wants an intimate one-on-one relationship with you.

“Thunder” is the ‘Gregory Peck’ of the horse world. Tall, dark and handsome and always a gentleman bringing metaphorical chocolate and roses to his date in the breeding barn. He came into existence as a key ingredient to bring back the mythical stallion Pegasus.

“Thunder” is currently in training under saddle and is showing great promise at dressage following in his progenitor’s footsteps to be a world class winner.

If you are looking for equine semen for your mare, then we offer “Thunder” for your consideration. He is available to mares of all breeds and is one of the biggest stars in the Making Pegasus deep stallion barn of more than 50 stallions.

Follow “Thunder” on his Instagram page, Making Pegasus Facebook, Making Pegasus Tiktok and of course on visit our website at