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Horse for sale - Tuffy - $5,500

Featured photo
Quarter Horse
14.3 hands
9 y.o.
Use private email to contact
henderson, Illinois   89012


Tuffy is a total saint – the easiest-breeziest horse on the place. He has an adorable, endearing, kind personality that everyone falls in love with. This horse literally never puts a foot wrong – he is peaceful, kind, and a total gentleman. Tuffy has been with us to lessons, clinics, trail rides, parades, and brandings this spring and summer,…he is a favorite and he is always on the trailer, he never gets left at home! He has babysit my absolute most precious cargo in wide open country, in the city traffic and commotion, and on the ground and bareback all over our place – this guy is just the sweetest and we really hope he gets a young kiddo, an old lady, or some type of pet / family home! He has the most awesome easy, smooth gaits you could put on one! If you are wanting a big horse, in a shorter compact super easy accessible size – THIS IS THE HORSE YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR! He is SO comfy and so SO easy to be around. Probably one of the most simple, pure, and just honest horses that we have had this whole year. Don’t miss him and please come out and try him if you can, you really have to be around this one and feel him to appreciate how % solid he is all the time! Tuffy is up to date on all cares, was just looked over by our vet, has been seen by the chiro, teeth done by our equine dentist, he was shod just this week, and he was just power packed wormed.We are experienced, knowledgeable sellers, and we can help with quickly arranging affordable shipping to any buyer’s location – we have experience shipping worldwide – including regularly to Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and South Africa.