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Horse for sale - Roots Bear Cates Cannon - $10,000 OBO

Featured photo
18 hands
8 y.o.
trenton, Maine   04605


Contemplating rehoming my Registered Shire Gelding to a warmer climate for his best interest. Roots Bear Cates Cannon is his registered name, he is 8 years old now, I have had him since he was 3 years old. He is a typical Shire with an easy going and goofy personality. He has grown up with my daughter the same age as him and she leads him around and rides/drives him despite his enormous size. He is easy going, low man on the totem pole always. I have done it all with him, pulled wagons, pulled heavy weights, logged in the winter, rode him on the trails and main roads, taken him to the beach, I would say he is somewhat 'green' due to experiences but I would try anything with him. He loves to take a bath and to drink from the water hose. He has pulled a carriage all over Acadia National Park.
As hard as it would be to rehome him, he has Shivers and is less mobile in the cold weather here in Maine. He would be happy outside 24/7 in the warmth. He is good with or without shoes and has nice solid hooves, due to his Shivers a stock is necessary for farrier work. In gate his Shivers is not a problem, he is a very smooth ride. He is a sweet boy! Feel free to reach out with any questions