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Horse for sale - Felda - $2,000 OBO

Featured photo
Quarter Horse
14.3 hands
4 y.o.
Please use email to contact
Buffalo, Missouri   65622


Felda has been under saddle for a year. Her experience is mostly w/t out alone on trails. She’s quiet to saddle, good with her feet(never been shod though), stands tied, loads well, and rides in a rope halter. She stands well to be mounted, is transitioning from direct to neck rein, and is fairly responsive to seat and leg cues when she’s paying attention. She loves obstacles, and the more her mind is focused on a task, the better she behaves and engages.
She requires an experienced rider who can advance her training. She will buck when she’s had a break, or is feeling fresh. Needs lots of miles and experience to grow her mind up.