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Horse for sale - Honey - $2,500

Featured photo
Quarter Horse
15 hands
8 y.o.
Use private email to contact
Princeton, Missouri   64673


Did Spirit just walk right out of the movies and into our barn?? Well, you will have to do a double take to realize it’s not actually him! We call this majestic boy “Honey” and are proud to offer him to you. He is 8 years old, stands 15hh, and he is the most beautiful buckskin you will ever set your eyes on. He even has zebra striping on his legs. He’s got a soft but expressive eye, a long flowing mane and tail, and even a dorsal stripe. He is put together beautifully. He loves to explore the woods, climb hills, ride rough rocky terrain, wade through thick mud and go on camping trips. He stands tied, he pickets, and he gets along with other horses. He has also been used around the ranch sorting cows, he has had a rope thrown off of him and caught some smaller calves in the pasture. As good as he is on the trails or around the ranch his real talent lies in the arena. Honey has been started slow and correct in dressage and Hunter/Jumpers. He has a beautiful walk, a floaty flat kneed trot, and the most rhythmical canter you have ever sat on. He moves on and off seat and like pressure knows lateral movements and is soft through the pole. Overall, he’s an all-around blast to ride! He responds very well to your aids and always aims to please. Over fences, not much phases him; he’s been jumped, inside, outside, and on cross country courses. His canter is so balanced and rhythmical, he takes his rider right to the jump almost effortlessly. He is showing tremendous potential as he snaps his knees up every time and jumps in the most beautiful form. When you add his color to his athletic abilities, you will surely be turning heads. Be it out on the trails, or in the show ring, you will be noticed on this guy. Honey is a barn favorite. When you walk past the stall, he pokes his little nose out tilts his head sideways, pops his ears right up, and he’s always looking for a cookie or a nice pet. Out in the field, he plays well with the other horses and ponies and it’s a dream to catch.