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Horse for sale - RUSTY - $5,500

Featured photo
Quarter Horse
15.3 hands
8 y.o.
covington, California   30014


Rusty is a 15.3 hand, flashy looking Buckskin, QH gelding, that has as good as personality as you could want one. He has a gentle eye, is a very quick learner and always try's to please any level of rider. We’ve used him to gather cattle on around our place and to pony a lot of yearlings around. Rusty has also been rode out through the woods with nothing bothering him and he loves to go in the water! He will ride through rough areas with ease, scale up steep slopes and slide down the other side as well. He’s the type that you point him and he will go through it with no hesitation! If you’re looking for one to go ranch on or just looking for a really nice trail horse he's the perfect for you. We can help arrange delivery to any where. Our ranch is located in Felton, California.