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Horse for sale - Hoofer - $17,000

Featured photo
Dutch Warmblood
16.3 hands
9 y.o.
Use private email to contact
Washington, Washington D.C.   20002


Meet Your ideal Schoolmaster, Hoofer, with a remarkable elastic natural suspension, free shoulder, and super work ethic, class, and character. Trained in the Grand Prix and talented in piaffe and passage. He is truly a joy to ride as his movement in the trot and canter floats off the ground and his walk swings with elasticity. His remarkably happy personality rates his temperament 5/10, never laying his ears back or expressing any attitude. He is easy to manage and gets along easily even with beginners, living most of his life on pasture board and even getting along with other horses, animals like dogs, cats, and many others without issues. He wears only front shoes and requires no maintenance. Hoofer has what it takes for an ambitious pro! Hoof is sound with novices and recent x-rays on file. A vet report can be made available to any serious client.