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Horse for sale - Timber - $3,850

Featured photo
Quarter Horse
15.1 hands
8 y.o.
Please use email to contact
Chicago, Illinois   60602


Talk about a CLASSIC - Here's a impeccably well built, timeless looking gelding that you can share with the whole family! "Timber" is an easy going, charismatic gelding with that is sure to steal your heart from the moment you meet him. He has that hard to find, laid back mindset and calm disposition that puts a smile on your face every time you're around him! He's truly a joy to be around and is the perfect confidence builder or baby sitter that everyone is out there searching for!

He is a fun, simple ride - Crosses water, bridges, logs, tarps; and does everything we have asked right when we’ve asked him to and always does so very willingly! “Timber” has put in many, many hours going down the trails and has covered LOTS of miles. With that said, he is so much fun to hop on and take out for a ride no matter where you're going — he loves the water and has no problem crossing or even swimming across the deeper parts of it, steps over logs, and most importantly, he is very sure footed, he navigates himself and his rider through rocky or unstable terrain carefully and with ease. Or if you want to go for a leisurely ride out in the pasture, he's happy to oblige.

He rides just as good in the arena too! - "Timber" has a slow, steady jog or will pick up into a little bit faster of trot then when you ask, and then collect into an incredibly graceful, smooth lope. All of his gaits are easy to sit and he is not jarring at ALL! Picks up both leads with ease and lopes around calm, cool and collected. Has a good stop, back up, and neck rein as well! He's had every level of rider imaginable on him from children, to beginner adults making their first ride, to more experienced horsemen/horsewomen. He makes it fun for everyone but is still simple enough for someone who is learning. Recently we've been using "Timber" to give lessons to a 9 year old boy and his 7 year old sister and they literally jump up and down every time they get to ride him for their lessons! He has been around cattle, and has even done some light ranch work