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Horse for sale - Blackie - $2,800

Featured photo
Quarter Horse
15.1 hands
8 y.o.
Nashville, Tennessee   37013


This is the kind that is so hard to find! Been there, done that and absolutely gorgeous! Blackie is jet black, super safe for anyone, cuts a cow, easy to rope on, bombproof trail horse, deluxe ranch horse, fancy handle and great neck rein! Blackie has been shown at numerous ranch cuttings, ranch rodeos, and local jackpots. Everywhere you take her, she gets noticed! Her black coat stands out and really shines. she’s got a lot of bone with great structure and balance. Blackie is safe, safe, safe and will pack an inexperienced rider. She will do exactly what is asked and ride up or down with ability of the rider of her back. She will go as slow or fast as you want. Blackie is fun to rope on. She would suit any level of roper. She has plenty of speed, great rate and is easy to handle. Back in the box and go rope 20, she will give you the same run each time. Blackie is very experienced in all types of cow work. she reads one good and is fun to use on the ranch, in the sorting pens and out in the pasture. She easily side passes to all the gates and quietly stands to open and shut them. She has been roped on it the pasture and can control big cattle. She is definitely fancy enough for the boss or ranch foreman to cruise around on. Blackie walks out on the trails with a loose rein and is confident alone or will lead or trail in a group. she’s very sure footed and great in all types of terrain. she stands quietly to mount and dismount and will ground tie where you leave him. Blackie has an extremely kind way of going. Her disposition is spot on and she’s very quiet and easy to handle. We love this guy and no matter what you want to do with her, she’s a team player. Very honest and willing.