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Horse for sale - The Guaranteed Win of AJS - $40,000 OBO

Featured photo
Gypsy Vanner
13.3 hands
6 y.o.
Amber Jones
Please use email to contact
Jefferson, Oregon   97352


Beautiful Buckskin Gypsy Stallion.

The Guaranteed Win of AJS is registered with GHRA. He stands 13.3hh and is Ee,Aa,nCr,W20W20,Pattern1n and Pssm Negative.

This boy is absolutely awesome. A true gentleman. Very well mannered and sweet. Hard to tell he is even a stallion sometimes. Happily lives primarily turned out with his gelding bff and is respectful of our fences. Confident and just as happy by himself as he is with his bud. Stalls quietly. Trailers with ease. Stands tied, good for farrier, great for bathing and using a blower to dry feathers. Quiet while tacking up, etc. and lunges respectfully. We have never needed to use a chain or rope halter on him.

Beautiful WTC with collection under saddle. Super light in the reins and with leg cues. Primarily ridden western but has beautiful movement for english and driving too if you want to go that direction.

He has been raised with lots of love and respect from day one. He is calm and laid back but is not the type you have to get after to pay attention and is not pushy. He enjoys being worked with and is the type to take care of his people and not drag anyone around or step on your toes. He is very respectful of his humans.

He has never been sick or lame.
He is and always has been up to date on vaccinations, farrier care and worming. Had his teeth checked recently and my Vet says he looks great, no work needed. Has great feet and has always been barefoot.

Trained for AI and is very well mannered for collection and gets the job done quickly. Also live covers in hand. He is a favorite at the breeding center. Has good sperm counts and cools well.

This stunning boy is ready to hit the show ring and/or the trails. He is so smart and kind and tries hard to please. Just completed 30 days of polishing training with champion gypsy trainer Erin Gray.

Keep him in tact and have amazing foals and a gentle, beautiful stallion to show off or geld him for the most beautiful riding partner.

Please know that if you are looking to keep him as a stallion I wi