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Horse for sale - Rev - $7,600

featured photo
Quarter Horse
15.1 hands
7 y.o.
Please use email to contact
Buffalo, New York   14202

featured photo

If you like them blue, broke, and GENTLE here is your guy. We’re pretty proud to offer this classy made 15.1H, blue roan gelding that has all the foot, bone, and conformation you could want in a quarter horse. Rev will do it all and he’ll do it in a safe, easy to ride way. He’s always gentle and he’s talented. The horse has all the tools in the box and will do what is asked every single day or once a month. Our kids ride him everywhere, they bounce the ball, play catch, do all the things you worry about them doing and he will just take care of them. He’s got that personality that really watches out for his rider. He really is one that will fit the entire family- 4H to trails, to ranch work to arena looking fancy with his turns, stops and handle. This guy has the right attitude for the whole family. He’ll drag a calf to the fire, let you doctor one on the dessert or in the pasture, he’s roped the donkey, the sled and everything else our kids care to try and catch. He’s got the talent to make a rope horse or an awesome ranch rider. He’d even excel at the mounted shooting game. Rev has really helped some of our younger riders learn a ton and helps those less experienced feel good about riding and he’ll make someone with experience enjoy their time in the saddle. No need to be nervous, get frustrated or scared sitting on Rev’s back. He’s real easy to get along with. If you want to go to the arena he can perform he’ll pick up his leads without a hitch, has a nice controlled turn, backs up, side passes, smooth trot and lope across the arena or out in the desert or pasture. He’s in the prime of his life, he’ll make a family, ranch boss, roper or someone looking for a nice pleasure horse real happy. He’s built to last, he’s easy to shoe and care for, loads up easy, stands tied and will please. He’s guaranteed to like. He’s got a full set of X-rays that are clean, he’s got lots of bone and good dark hooves. This is one nice made individual. For more information