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Horse for sale - Her name is Rio - $1,750

featured photo
Quarter Horse
13.3 hands
Use private email to contact
Menifee, California   92584

featured photo
featured photo

Rio is named after the Duran Duran song. She is 10 months and sells grade. She comes from good stock but the breeder has all his horses out in pasture and has not kept up with registries. She is out of a palomino mare. Rio so far has a flaxen forelock.
She has tough little hooves and no major conformation flaws. She carries her head naturally low and I believe she will have a nice slow jog. She is well-mannered and easy to catch. From what I can tell at a young age is going to be on the lazy side of things. Crack a whip next to her and she just yawns.
I've been going back and forth as to sell her now or grow her out and train her. I think back on my younger days when I was horse crazy and was able to fund a horses upkeep but had a hard time with a full purchase price. So I figured I would give this opportunity to someone and if I don't find the right person no big deal. I look forward to training her as she is going to be one of the easy ones.
She is just about 14 hands now and still growing not sure what she will finish out to though. She has the mind to do whatever direction you take her and the physical ability to excel at it.