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Horse for sale - Katie - $3,500 OBO

featured photo
Quarter Horse
15.3 hands
15 y.o.
Milan, Indiana   47031

featured photo

Katie is a 15 year old 15.3 hh sorrel mare. Been ridden on all kinds of trails, leads and follows, and rides by herself. I rode her for 3 years and got a gorgeous buckskin baby out of her. Stands for farrier, tacking up, grooming, washing, etc. Loads well on trailers. however if its a new trailer she needs to be loaded a few times before just walking right on. Easy to catch if you have grain. Selling as a grade trail horse/ broodmare. I am done breeding so I dont need a mare. Asking obo. located in Southern Indiana. Feel free to text, call, or email me at any time.