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Horse for sale - Golden Maddox - $4,500

featured photo
Missouri Fox Trotting Horse
15.2 hands
7 y.o.
Georgetown, Tennessee   3733

featured photo

Meet Maddox, A beautifully gaited registered 7-year-old Palomino Missouri Foxtrotter (MFT) gelding that stands 15.2hh. He is a very well-mannered gelding that has impeccable training. Maddox was professionally started under saddle at the age of 2 1/2. He recently completed 70 days of professional training in obstacles and mounted shooting with one of the top gaited horse clinicians in the US – Michael Gascon.

In the last 4 1/2 yrs. Maddox has been ridden and camped in many states that include MO, AR, TN, NC, GA, MS, and TX. This guy has been exposed to just about anything you can think of. Maddox is a quiet, kind, middle of the herd horse. He stands quietly while mounting, loads, clips, bathes, stands for the farrier, parks-out, and travels like a champ. He has a wonderful ground covering foxtrot and a 4-beat gait with multiple speeds.

Maddox will walk on a loose rein and is light in the mouth. Maddox works off leg, seat, uses a crupper when needed, neck reins like a rock star, and beautifully through technical trails. He crosses water, will swim rivers, carries packs, and is trained in mounted shooting. He rides in groups, will lead or follow, and rides alone. If Maddox is ever startled he is trained to always spook in place – no funny business. He can lope/canter under saddle when cued, and can stop on a dime with light pressure from your seat and or reins.

Even though Maddox has been ridden by a few of my friends and my husband who only rides about 12 times a year, he will be best suited for an intermediate rider, An intermediate rider with the knowledge of leg cues would get the most from this wonderful boy.

To no fault of his own, my beautiful gelding is only being sold because I recently had a mild stroke 3 weeks after Maddox returned home from his advanced training with (MG) Michael Gascon. This boy deserves a trail partner that will enjoy him for many years to come. I will also transport Maddox up to miles if someone wants to meet me. Feel free to contact me with a