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Horse for sale - Jazzy - $3,500

featured photo
Paint (Solid)
15.2 hands
15 y.o.
Please use email to contact
oak harbor, Washington   98277

featured photo
featured photo
featured photo

15 year old. stockbred paint mare , 15.2hh.
running the barrel pattern and been entered in races. potential in 2/3D. I’m only selling her because we just don’t mesh together. she will need an experienced rider that can handle a potentially hot horse. She will stand tied with a buddy, but working on standing tied alone. She does have a previous injury but it doesn’t affect her. I did have my friend, a lady i ride and board with, ride her and she does go slow. Can be for an advanced beginner, i did swing a rope off her and she didn’t flinch. she is UTD on timing and shots