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Horse for sale - BO - $2,800

featured photo
Quarter Horse
15.2 hands
15 y.o.
Please use email to contact
Muskegon, Michigan   49470

featured photo
featured photo

This incredible AQHA TRUE BLUE ROAN gelding affectionately known as Boaz or “Bo” has been in our family for over five years. Bo is a very personable gelding who really likes people. If you go into his pasture, he will find you, and he won’t be too easy to get rid of either! He is a nicely broke ranch horse with a wonderful work ethic who we’ve enjoyed for trails, camping, ranching and clinics. He’s not a stranger to being hauled or tied out all day, and has drug bulls as well as ponied colts. He has been schooled in the arena as well. He will do what’s asked but would much rather be outside. Bo is a big boy, standing just under 15.3 hands and probably weighing in around lbs. He is an alpha personality. He isn’t a bully, but he does keep order in his herd. We have not had any health issues with Bo. He is an extremely easy keeper. We have kept him barefoot and have only ever shod him for use in rocky country. He will do well with a confident, intermediate level rider who has the time for him. He’s way too nice of a horse to waste. He really likes having a job and he’s dang good at it