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Horse for sale - POWERFUL Grey (White) 18.1, 13 year old Percheron Gelding - $6,900

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18.1 hands
13 y.o.
Bath, Pennsylvania   18014

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Has even done rides with firework shows going off! He can be driven by beginners and kids. Great horse with a sensible mind and he loves to work! Good Whoa on him and could stand all day!
COVID 19 Note: The horse is located at a private barn where no one is coming in or out. If you have been staying safe and practicing all suggestions regarding social distancing and are a serious buyer, you may visit and see the horse in our outdoor arena with your own equipment while practicing all the recommended safety guidelines.

Liam drives SINGLE or anywhere in a TEAM (he drives best in a team). Hitched to all farm equipment and many carriages and wagons. I got him as the head lead horse off a farm. He was the horse that did all the jobs that required the skills of the best horse on the farm. Anyone can drive him anywhere! He was our best horse for beginner drivers last year and all the drivers in training. Lots of People hauling experience with every type of setting and vehicle out there. Perfect for weddings and special events. He just finished Christmas rides pulling our heavy sleigh!

Has no vices or bad habits.

He is our strongest pulling horse we have! He can also work many long consecutive days in a row and can keep on pulling just as strong right through the season.

He is one of my main horses I count on for any carriage ride job. The only reason I am selling him is because I am no longer working with the taller Percherons and have decided to go with the shorter type.
Is current on everythig!

Used for weddings, Christmas, Wagon rides, and other special events by a professional Carriage Company. He is ready to go for any Carriage job out there.

$sixty nine hundred REDUCED FROM $8k!

Located Lehigh Valley Pa

I’m selling him because he I don’t no longer have his team mate and he does not match my other Percherons

Feel free to call/text --three for more photos or to see him

VIDEO & PHOTO Website: