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Horse for sale - Handsome Trail Horse Deluxe- 16 yr old Bay Quarab (Quarter Horse Arabian Cross) Gelding For Sale - $3,900

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15 hands
16 y.o.
Bath, Pennsylvania   18014
Trail Horse

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Ricky is a really nice gelding, as broke as can be, with a great overall disposition! He is a 15 hh Bay Quarab gelding, 16 yrs old. With great stamina. I take him on 3 hour rides throughout the week and he performs more like a 10 year old.


COVID 19 Note: The horse is located at a private barn where no one is coming in or out. If you have been staying safe and practicing all suggestions regarding social distancing and are a serious buyer, you may visit and see the horse in our outdoor arena with your own equipment while practicing all the recommended safety guidelines.

He rides anyway… English & Western, Versatile as they come. He has a hard to find true neck rein, knows his seat, leg and rein cues. Perfect all-round horse with tons of training & experience! Has been trail ridden. He was started in Dressage AND Reining. He walks, trots, canters, and rates his speed. No vices or known health issues. Natural horsemanship trained. Super quiet, sound minded. He is serious about any job you give him under saddle and really nice to ride. Light, Soft & Responsive. Frames up, Backs very easily, Big whoa, and Great barefoot hooves. A great horse that will turn heads & is super easy and fun to ride! Perfect for most riders! Really nice and super fun kids horse. He is schooling first level dressage. As far as I have had no health issues and No Vices!

He is great with trail obstacles, goes through mud/water great and learns quickly. Has a true neck rein and great lateral movements, rollbacks, frames up at walk, trot, canter, half passes, two tracks, much more! He is a great sound-minded horse with a prefect neck rein.

Ricky side passes, rides off of seat cues, does lateral movement, knows all leg & rein cues English and western, and much more advanced maneuvers and cues…

Methods used in his training: Josh & John Lyons, Chris Cox, Craig Cameron, Clinton Anderson, Guy McLean, Ken McNabb, Buck Brannaman, Ray Hunt

For VIDEOS & PHOTOS: quarterkranch.com/flashy-paint-bay-geldings