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Horse for sale - Gracefully Done - $9,500

featured photo
15.3 hands
3 y.o.
Please use email to contact
Advance, North Carolina   27006

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featured photo
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Height: 15:3hh.
Weight:~ pounds
Color: bay/brown
Age: 3 years ~7months
Breed: Thoroughbred

Gracefully Done (aka Grace) is truly a horse that only comes once in a lifetime. Grace does not have a tattoo and has never been on the track. She is % sound and healthy. Grace has the sweetest, puppy dog personality; she absolutely loves attention. But knows to stay out of personal space. everyone that meets Grace falls in love with her-- she is an amazing horse.
Grace stands perfectly in the cross-ties, she stands for the farrier, and is a dream for the vet. She is just so easy!! Grace is barefoot, and has been since we bought her. She requires almost no maintenance, we feed her a couple of cups of grain twice a day, to help her keep up her weight. She is currently turned out 24/7, and is not blanketed. She has worn a blanket in the past, but we were not planning on showing her during the winter, so she has a winter coat. However, she stands to be clipped and pictures of her summer coat can be provided.

Grace absolutely loves to jump!! Because of this, she can be a little lazy during flat work; however, a crop is usually enough to fix any problems.
Grace is currently schooling 3'3" with no effort. She has plenty of scope and so much talent. She just blows me away with how smart she is. She knows her leads and has a beautiful, effortless simple lead change. We are beginning to work on the flying lead change, (she has done them herself while riding to get her balance) just not on cue yet. Grace has the talent, ability, and brains to go so much farther. I just do not have the time to take her there.
Grace has been shown locally. She does not mind trailering alone or with another horse. At all of the shows, she has behaved perfectly. The judges were so surprised to find out that she was only 3. She was absolutely perfect. She has almost no spook and remains level headed the whole time. She does not mind a big group and gets along great w