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Horse for sale - Luna - $3,800 OBO

featured photo
14 hands
5 y.o.
Elise H
Please use email to contact
Menlo, Georgia   30731

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featured photo

Pinto Mare, 14hh. Fancy Kids Rodeo Pony! Very broke and coming along nicely on barrels and poles.

.Luna is one of those special mares that will go to the ends of the Earth for a rider she trusts. She is super handy -- responsive, sensitive and quick-footed. She is best suited to a confident, relaxed, fairly experienced rider
After time off, this lovely mare will saddle up and ride right off with no nonsense. She occasionally feels playful or excited, but she is safe, sensible and very broke. Luna’s got just the right amount of spunk! 🌟
She is coming along nicely on barrels and poles, and she is started roping the sled (with novice roper so she‘s used to the rope all over her body!) She’ll do turn-arounds, rollbacks, stop, back up, change leads, side-pass, counter-arc, true neck rein and will ride in anything (snaffle, bridle, halter or just a rope around her neck). She’ll help you open and close gates, check fences and drag logs. Luna is fantastic on trails - surefooted and smart; willingly crosses water, logs, ditches, etc.
Luna would make a fun Junior Rodeo or Gaming mount for a confident kid who wants to get started in multiple events.
This mare stands tied, is good for the farrier and vet, good for bathing, she loads, longes, knows basic liberty, has perfect ground manners and is easy to catch. Luna has a fun personality and good work ethic, has no vices and is a pleasure to be around. She gets along well with others, and is not a grumpy mare.
Luna is blind in her left eye. She was born this way and is not bothered by it at all. She has been trained the same as any other horse and most people wouldn’t notice her blindness unless informed. She’s a very easy keeper, healthy and up to date on everything.

Luna would like a home where she gets to do interesting and stimulating ‘jobs’, with a confident, skilled kid or small adult, and LOTS of turnout.

For more info, videos and photos visit my page on Facebook -- Elise Harrison Horse Training and Sales