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Horse for sale - Phoenix - $600

featured photo
Spotted Saddle
15.2 hands
17 y.o.
Boone, North Carolina   28607

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Phoenix is an ADORABLE, friendly boy who is so much fun as a pet that i hardly noticed that we don't ride. I am awaiting surgery and dont ride him, but by the way he takes the saddle and recognizes the bit, i suspect he was ridden in his past, as i was told . I can also see he was mis treated or cowboyed and you have to gain his trust! He can get nervous easily so he depends on his 'person' to comfort him. He came to me 12 months ago very flighty and scared as he was obviously treated heavy-handed. He would not let me touch his face. With minimal daily pampering, he came to trust me extremely well. He lets me rub all over his face, saddle him untied, pick all feet and do his farrier work, spray his mane and tail. He was said to be a halter show horse and i certainly can believe it. He is gorgeous to the bone, but his sweet and kind temperment is just as beautiful. Phoenix comes running to see me, he comes when called, wants me to rub his face , and looks to me for comfort/ assurance when his mare buddy picks on him! If i had pasture for him all year, i would keep him as a pet, since i am not a trainer and can't restart him. It may not take much, but the reason i am selling him as needing restarting is because I have not been able to get on and ride. I suspect he will want a hackamore, as he seems upset about a bit, throwing his head when i hold it up to his face. (probably bad memories). He is a touch nervous when i put some weight on the saddle, as if he wants to back up or sidestep, so i suspect his rider pulled hard on his mouth when mounting. He is easily jumpy, so i suspect he will need a calm rider who wants to be a 'horse whisperer' with him, to get him confident again under saddle, and it may have been 12 or 14 years since he rode, who knows. He will trust his 'person' whom he connects with, and who knows, he may be golden on the trail- i just dont know. His gait is SUPER SMOOTH and he has amazing confirmation. He is looking for a long term, kind, patient soul to love him like I do.