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Horse for sale - Arianna - $600

Featured photo
National Show Horse
15 hands
6 y.o.
Boone, North Carolina   28607


Arianna is a very special girl! She is said to be a NSH but may be SAddlebred-- she is stunning, and has seemed to be abused in her past, so she really needs a gentle human who will bring her along again with love and patience! SHe was said to be amish trained to drive( but i just assume not ride but i have not tried so i may be wrong), but i cannot confirm she drives as i have not tried to drive her... a past barn hand who knew her told me she was Amish driven. She is young, looks no older than 6 and has tons of potental. SHe is not mareish in any way whatsoever, and gets along eagerly with her pasture and barnmates as if she is a very chill gelding. SHe is so nervous about humans, however, that i spend a lot of time kneeling down below her, to make her much more comfortable...she is NOT headshy at all, which is great, but something has made her terrfied of being caught on a leadline. WHen i do put her on a lead, she is much more settled, as i have my hand on her. SHe wants to please, but she is just scared by mistreatment in her past. SHe does not lead well, but backs great. We are working on leading. I bought her to save her from a terrible fate, and I took her on in order to find her the right Angel who would work with her as a project. SHe has worn shoes, so i do think she did drive. I am very certain she will flourish with the right home, and she will not be going to any inexperienced home. Trainers with references or horse owners who have worked with SAddlebreds, arabians or NSHs before are preferred. THis is a SPECIAL girl who deserves a special home. THe sky is the limit for Arianna, in the rght hands. Feel free to txt me or email. video available.