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Horse for sale - Rusty - $3,000

Featured photo
Quarter Horse
14.3 hands
14 y.o.
Please use email to contact
Pepperell, Massachusetts   01463


For your consideration
Rusty- a 14 year old grade Quarter Horse gelding who is 14.3 H. He has wonderful ground manners, is very affectionate and looks for interaction with people. He tends to be lower in herd position if it’s a large group. He is good for the farrier, dentist and vet. Trailers and loads well. He is UTD on everything, Coggins in hand. He lunges well in a round pen and on a line. He is currently barefoot.

Rusty has been ridden English and Western. All three of his gaits are super smooth. He jumps, neck reins, side passes, does flying lead changes, and other ranch riding requirements, is great at versatility obstacles (he has completed and rocked the Mountain Trail Obstacles at Mountain Lane Farm, NH) and loves water.

Rusty needs a confident intermediate or above rider; may be appropriate for an assured advanced beginner. He is not a beginner or husband horse. He looks to his rider for reassurance and would do best if ridden often. He could use some work as he lacks confidence on the trails. He could use someone who won’t be nervous at the occasional mild spook and with his desire to be first in line.

We are selling Rusty for $ but we are not unloading him. He is too good of a horse for that. We are looking for the best home possible. Please pm for additional information.