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Horse for sale - Sham DDF - $6,000

featured photo
Friesian Cross
15 hands
15 y.o.
Use private email to contact
Lenexa, Kansas   66219

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featured photo
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featured photo

Sham DDF, 15 year old Friesian/Arabian stallion looking for a new home!

Sham is a gorgeous gray, standing at 15h. Sham is a very sweet boy, with flashy movement and tons of potential. He loves attention! He has a solid dressage foundation, however I don't have the time to work with him regularly so he could use some tune-up work and conditioning to get back in shape! He has also been ridden western, and he enjoys going on trails, doing well both alone and with others. He has done some light jumping as well. He could easily be taken in another direction other than dressage. He is a bit more go than whoa, because he's just enthusiastic about being worked with! He is easy to handle, not stud-like at all. He stands well for grooming, tacking, farrier, vet, etc. Trailers and loads easily. He could also make an excellent addition to a breeding program! Pictures and info of his offspring are available.
Sham does have a history of sticky stifle. I have not seen the issue come up for a few years, now that he is on 24/7 turnout. That has been our vet's recommendation, and it has certainly made a difference. So he needs to go to a home where 24/7 turnout is available for him.
Sham was bred by my family, and I have owned him his whole life. Located about 40 minutes west of Kansas City.