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Horse for sale - Doc Holiday - $4,520

Featured photo
Missouri Fox Trotting Horse
14.2 hands
6 y.o.
Needville, Texas   77461


This flashy GENTLE 6yr old Missouri Fox Trotter Cross gelding stands about 14.3 hands tall with a nice stout build. We did a DNA test on him and his two main breeds were Missouri Fox Trotter and Selle Francais (which is a drafty warm blood type horse). Doc is a super quiet laid back horse and isn't spooky at all. He’s pretty easy to get along with and there are just so many things to say about him, so here goes…

Doc stands still for mounting, stands tied, is good for the farrier, trailers well, is easy to catch, ranks low to middle of the pecking order, he's an easy keeper, traffic safe, and has just a super laid back easy going disposition. He prefers to go at an easy to medium gait and will move out faster if asked, but he really likes to take it easy. It is hard to find a gaited horse that likes to go slow. He will move out if you want so he’s a horse that can go with either other gaited horses or your slow quarter horse friends. I’ve had a few gaited horses over the years and I would say Doc has a smooth average gait and he does foxtrot like a Missouri Fox Trotter should. He also has one of the nicest and very very easy to sit canters.

Doc is also very smart and learns quickly. As you can see in the video we just started working on stopping and backing up off the seat and he’s already picking up on it. He moves off your leg and is picking up on sidepassing. He’s not perfect yet, but he’s picking it up quickly. He also knows how to neck rein and you can open and close the gate off of him and pony another horse as well.

I normally ride Doc out alone away from home and he never gives me any problems going away. If we ride in a group he’s good in the middle, back, or front of the pack. We have also separated from the group out on the trails and he does just fine and he’s fine if another horse takes off without him as well.

In the video there are 3 different times that Doc will meet the train and that is how many times he’s met the train total. So he’s only met the train 3 times and you’ll get to see how he re