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Horse for sale - Vanna - $800

featured photo
Quarter Horse
15 hands
16 y.o.
Mariana Martin
Hogansville, Georgia   30230

featured photo
featured photo

Vanna is a great Western pleasure horse, enjoys trail rides, same horse every time which isn't always the case with mares. She neck reins or direct reins, responds to leg pressure. Pretty much bombproof, safe for beginners with some experience in horse handling, can tolerate a little nervousness from her rider to give you time to grow confidence, loves young people (especially guys) and will do her best to please. Enjoys grooming. Vanna needs plenty of pasture and food right now to get her weight back up. She's gaining quickly now and feeling better after a rough winter and spring. Regular exercise is great for her and she enjoys the attention. Recent dental float, up-to-date Coggins, vaccines, and recent vet check. Not on any meds but using one economical herbal supplement that won't be needed forever. Recent farrier trim, barefoot, great feet.