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Horse for sale - Diamond - $3,000

featured photo
Spotted Saddle
14.3 hands
10 y.o.
Jamestown, Tennessee   38556

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Due to divorce, this mare is available for an experienced rider. Here is her story. I've had her for 6 years, I believe she was broke with less than kind methods - ear twitched, harsh bit, spurs, etc. She has been my main ride for 6 years, for me she will go anywhere I "ask". She has a "top mare" attitude so if/when she sees/hears/smells something on a trail ride that she thinks might be a problem, she will stop. I give her time to process, then ask for movement. This has never failed me. I ride with a mild broken leverage bit, loose rein for walk and contact for gait or canter. She prefers to be in front for the first 15-20 minutes of a ride and does best in smaller groups. I personally don't like large group rides so she has no experience with them. She is UTD on worming, current coggins and shots. Good for a patient farrier but any type "temper/attitude" might result in resistance. Loads willingly into a step-up trailer, backs out if asked. Easy keeper, minimal grain with 24/7 hay. My personal preference is netted round bales as we have little pasture which I reserve for a "treat" after riding. Smooth trail racking gait - does canter/gallop and will jump trail obstacles but I don't do either often enough to have trained for them specifically. Since I am a calm, relaxed and experienced rider and she does well with me, I think this is the type rider she would work for the best. She is NOT a cuddly love bug - the occasional pat/stroke on the head or neck is sufficient for her but Cookies grease the wheels of cooperation. She is a lady taking treats. IF interested I will provide details of anything about this mare, good or not -- looking for a partnership that works for both horse and rider