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Horse for sale - Marnie - $3,000

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Quarter Horse
15.2 hands
16 y.o.
shannon becker
Please use email to contact
Newberg, Oregon   97132

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Marnie is a 16 year old QH mare who will excel with an intermediate rider. she is well rounded in her training. all the basics, light liberty training trail and western pleasure. her arena work is wonderful and she loves to be out on a trail. she will take you anywhere. Marnie it 15.2hh. willing to please but requires a gentle hand. I am looking for someone with a light understanding hand, but who is also firm with her. Marnie can be sensitive if you are to demanding with here. she goes off of verbal ques and leg pressure very well and collects on her own. I have never ridded her in English but im sure she would do great with it. Marnie is a very willing horse who just need the time that goes into keeping her in her top condition. I used to ride her 5 days a week and do long distance trails on her. the furthest we went together was roughly 16 miles one time. she loved every minute of if. cars and water do not bother her while out on a trail. she is willing to go anywhere. Trailers well, bathes excellently, stands great for the ferrier, all the basics. she will stand for hours for you.
one of her negative traits is that sometimes she doesn't get along well with other mares. she needs her own space with that being said though she can go out with other horses just be cautious while riding in a group. she does best in the back. She does best with geldings.