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Frequently Asked Questions


I cannot find contact information for a horse.

Make sure you have clicked the "More Info" button on the classified preview. To the right of the horse's photo you should see a phone number or a link to email the seller.

Can you give me contact information on a horse?

In order to protect the privacy of those who place classifieds on our system we will not provide any information they themselves did not provide in their listing.

Can you contact the owner of a horse for me?

We will not make any unsolicited contact to those who place listings on our site.

I need to make changes to my listing but cannot access my account.

If you have forgotten your password you can reset it using your username and email address. If you have forgotten your account information altogether you can create a new account and then contact us at


Do I have to have a photo when placing my ad?

Currently we only accept listings with photos. You can choose to upload photos, or for a fee you can mail them to us and we will scan them and upload them for you.

How do I upload a photo?

On the Upload Photos step of placing your classified listing you will see buttons that say "Browse" on them. Click the "Browse" button and find the photo you wish to upload on your computer. If you have selected the photo correctly there should be text to the left of the "Browse" button. Once you have selected the photos you wish to upload, click the "Upload" button near the bottom of the page to upload your photos. If your photos have been uploaded successfully they will appear on the page.

What is a "jpeg"?

Jpeg is a very common type of file used to store photos on your computer. Most digital cameras use jpeg format for storage and typically photos copied from a digital camera are in jpeg format. The filenames of jpeg files usually end in .jpg.

Can I upload other photo formats?

Currently we only process jpeg format uploads. If you have pictures in other formats (i.e. bmp or gif) you can use a program to convert them to jpeg format. A popular and free Windows program capable of converting image formats is IrfanView (available at

I placed my ads but I can't find them when I search.

There are tens of thousands of ads on Make sure your search is fairly narrow if you're looking for specific ads (try searching for horses within 10 miles of your zip code). If you are still unable to find your ads and you feel there may be a problem please contact as at and we will assist you.

Can I pay by check/money order/cash?

Sorry, we accept only credit card and PayPal payments at this point.

How can I make changes to my listing?

You can update your listing and upload new photos through "My Account." Once logged in, click the "My Classifieds" icon to view your listings. From there you can make changes.

I am not recieving any emails about my horse.

In order to protect your email address, contact information regarding your horse is sent from Some internet service providers and/or email programs may recognize email from as unsolicted "spam" email. You may need to specifically allow email from to come through your spam filter. Contact your internet service provider for more information about how to do this.